Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Felt Rose Tutorial

Things have been so busy with wedding season that I've completely neglected my blog. Today I've made up a little tutorial for creating your own vintage inspired felt rose brooch. With the colder weather now here is perfect for pinning onto your coat or favorite cardigan.

I've used 2 different coloured pieces of felt and black thread to make it easier to show how it’s put together. This is a really basic tutorial which you can adapt very easily. Bigger circles = bigger roses. Add more petals to make it fuller or even embellish it with a green leaf or beads.

Eeeek.... so here goes my first tutorial.!

You Will Need:

- 1 sheet of felt
- matching thread
- needle
- sharp scissors
- 5cm paper template
- pins
- 1 brooch back (available and all good craft stores)

Step 1
First make your template. Find something aprox 5cm across to draw round. I find 5cm is a good size to make a brooch however you can make the circles larger/smaller depending on what you would like to use them for.

Step 2
Cut out 9 circles using your template. They don’t have to be perfect but pinning the template in place will stop it from slipping and your cutting will be more accurate  

Step 3
Cut 8 of your circles in half leaving one whole (This will become the back)

Step 4
Thread about 1.5 meters of thread through your needle. Tie the ends together so that the thread is doubled

Step 5

Sew a running stitch along the bottom of one half circles. Stop when you come to the middle.

Step 6

Take another half circle and lay it over the first. Making sure that it starts in the centre of the first. Continue the running stitch along the bottom until you get to the centre of the second petal.

Step 7

Over lay a third petal and continue the running stitch.

Step 8

Repeat this until you have used up all of your petals. When you get to the last petal stitch all the way to the end.

Step 9
With the needle and thread still attached – hold onto the end petal and gently pull the thread. This should start to gather the petals. Ease the gathers down until the petals begin to curl up

Step 10

Next you will begin to form the rose. Starting at the end (where your needle and thread is) roll the rose up tightly to create a curl and secure with several stitches.

Step 11
Keep coiling the rose up securing it with little stitches as you go. The tighter you roll the less open your rose will be.

Step 12

Once all the petals are wound and stitched in place tie off with several stitches and cut off loose thread.

Step 13
Next take your final circle. Place over the back of your rose. Trim down to size and carefully stitch round the edge. This will hide the back.

Step 14
Next take your brooch back. Secure in place with several stitches through each of the holes and voila! One pretty rose.

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