Thursday, 6 March 2014

Goldhawk Road - Fabric Shops

I often get asked where I get my fabrics from so though I would share. I buy my fabrics from all over the place but my primary source is Goldhawk Road in Shepherds Bush. There are about 12 fabric shops along the main road and more stalls and shops along Shepherds Bush Market.

It's easy to access with a tube station at either end of the market. There is a small amount of on street parking and side roads with pay and display meters.

The selection of fabrics on offer is amazing. There's everything from brocade to sequins and everything else in between. Most of the shops are rammed with rolls and rolls of fabric. It's quite overwhelming the first time you visit, some of them even have basements with more packed in!

You'll be able to find fabrics for every price range. I would say that the prices are very fair for what you are getting but take your time to look round all the shops before buying as you might be able to find the same thing for a little bit less.

I buy a lot of my floral printed cottons here which are about £3.50 - £4.50 a meter. If I were to buy these online they would be £6 + .

Prices range from £1 a meter for lining fabrics to beautiful beaded and embellished lace for £100's! There's something for every budget so keep looking and you're bound to find the perfect thing.

The fabric you choose doesn't have to cost the earth. For example... I made this dress up for myself for an event I was going to (all the fabric is from Goldhawk Road) The flocked leopard print net only cost £4 a meter and the chiffon overlay only £1.99 a meter. If you see something you like buy it as it might not be there again! Their stock is always changing, I've looked for the leopard print net on numerous occasions but haven't been able to get it again :(

It's a dressmakers and crafters paradise so make sure you leave yourself plenty of time to look round!!

A few things to point out if you're thinking of visiting... some shops won't give out samples (you can take pictures though) and there are also a few shops that only accept cash but there is a free cash machine along the road.

My top tip is to take a small suitcase/bag on wheels. There's nothing worse than trying to carry lots of heavy carrier bags on the train!

Happy Fabric Shopping!! Emma Xx


  1. Thanks for sharing Emma, Have shared it on a couple of pages I am admin for. Love your work x ♥